Monday, December 12, 2011

Setting The Tone

Mankind are rather greedy by nature.  They generally do not want to share what they have with others, especially with strangers.  But when come to opinions, however, they become over generous.  They want to share their thoughts even when others don't really want to listen.  This is hardly generosity, but rather vanity. 

Of this vanity, I could not plead to be innocent.  How could I justify creating another blog when there are already millions crowding the web space.  And yet hope to be heard?  Am I not busy enough with my work, trying to make a living?  Do I have so much times to waste, and in return, wasting others'?

But one does not live by bread alone.  Busyness with making a living is not a life.  It is only a part of life, something one has to do in order to continue living.  If it is just a matter of making a living, then we are no better than animals.  Those who work their bones out are not actually making a living per se; they work their bones out because that is what they are.  As Rene Descartes says "I think, therefore I am," these people are likewise "they are" because of their work.  And these works do not necessarily fall under the category of making a living.

I am not born rich, therefore I have to work to make a living.  But that is only a small part of me, something that I cannot do without.  A bigger part of me lives in the thinking world.  It does not mean that I am a thinker, for one can think big or small, and even a moron also thinks in his own capacity.  It just means that I like to think.

There is no better way to capture one's thought other than writing, for one does not really think until he is able to put it into writing.  He imagines himself thinking, but he is only fantasizing.  And putting my thoughts into writing is what I have been doing all my life.  Except that I have not done it in the blog as yet.  Who knows, perhaps out of the 7 billion people on the earth, there might be one or two who find my thoughts entertaining, or useful.

For that reason, I suppose I am not really driven by vanity, though I cannot fancy that my motive is driven by generosity.

Since this blog is free anyway, why the heaven not.



  1. Welcome to blogspot, salman. Waiting for more of your entries. He he.

  2. Thanks Wan, you are the first one to check, the only one so far he he he. Yes, I intend to write regularly, something like a few times a week if possible. Right now still learning how to use.

  3. Good job man..well done..keep up writing a gd piece

  4. tahniah man kerana telah berjaya menjadi blogger utk majlis ilmu yg dapat dimanafaatkan oleh semua follower.

  5. Eik, ada jugak yang anonymous. Thanks for the encouragement. Stay tune, at least two entries a week will be published. Has been working on three drafts, to be published soon.

  6. ok.. have to admit that i'm one of those who found your thoughts entertaining, or useful. :)

  7. Gud move Bro...knowledges need be to be shared then its become more meaningful....MRI

  8. i dont read blog usually, but yours is an exception. keep on writing brother. where have you been since a year ago? you owe us nearly 200 pieces!! : )...may God give you the best of health